Ereaders for older people

Ereaders for older people

An elegant old lady sitting on a Park bench with an ebook reader in her hand? Certainly. This type will be more and more popular. Technology is changing the world. Also changes the way you read. And it’s not just about young people. Although young people with an e-reader in hand is quite common, older people are increasingly convinced of this form of reading. And when they try, they come to the conclusion that reading in this version is more comfortable.

This is due to the ability to personalize the display of the image (including its zoom and lighting), which is extremely useful for people with visual impairment.

This is due to the ability to personalize the display of the image (including its zoom and lighting), which is extremely useful for people with visual impairment.“An e-book reader is a very good solution for the elderly,” says Pavel Gorbachevsky, President of Arta Tech, a Polish e – book manufacturer. ” at this age, not only do eyes get tired faster, but also various related ailments annoy. Meanwhile, the ebook reader has many features that make it extremely easy to read, especially when we face vision problems. If, reading a book in printed form, we can not do anything with the font size, here we have the full range of functions that allow the maximum adjustment of the size and style of the text, for the possibility of the reader’s eyes. Because of this, after reading a few pages, not only will not have to postpone reading and relax, but will get want more pleasure from reading.

Compared to traditional books, the great advantage of e-books is the ability to customize not only the optimal font size, but also its style. It is also important to secure and pleasing to the eye lighting of the screen, aimed directly at the text, not the eyes of the reader (as in the case of smartphones). For even more reading pleasure, it also has adjustable light intensity and temperature, making it possible to adjust the brightness and color of the light, to personal preferences. Lighting also allows you to read at any time, so even a sleepless night can be used pleasantly, without disturbing the home.

Some Ereaders for older people, such as InkBOOK Prime HD, also have a “high contrast” option where the original background can be replaced with a black background and the font color automatically turns white. This is mainly useful for visually impaired users whose medical conditions (e.g. cataract) lead to a complete inability to read the text on a white background. In turn, with much more serious problems with vision, you can download to the reader application TTS (text to speech), which turns the printed text into speech.

For the elderly

For the elderlyOf course, it is also important that on a Sunny day for a walk in the Park, no need to carry a heavy book. In a device the size of a chocolate bar can fit as many books as they dream. If they want, they can even have all the volumes “in search of lost time” by Marcel Proust or “War and peace” By Leo Tolstoy. The reader will remember where we finished reading, so returning to the interrupted reading will not cause the slightest problem.

For grandparents, a great advantage is the ability to save many books for children on the reader. Without having to spend half of the pension on printed publications, in the long winter evenings can read to their grandchildren a lot of beautiful fairy tales. In turn, they themselves, of course, a great joy, will make a return to the memories of childhood and youth. With the help, of course, we can view archival issues of journals of past years.

Currently, many editors provide them on the Internet

Currently, many editors provide them on the InternetIt may also be interesting to read the same book with another family member who also has an e-book reader. It will make that it will be possible at the General coffee, to exchange impressions of lecture. Many older people also like to spend their free time solving crosswords. Convenience can be Wikipedia, which can be used directly from the reader if it runs on android. This option also allows you to translate unintelligible words.

In search of the perfect gift for an elderly person, you should definitely think about reading e-books, and later, perhaps, explain how to use it optimally. Even those who naturally avoid technology will have no problem to properly exploit it. Simple operation and touch screen will certainly facilitate this task. Of course, the best gift we can give to elders is our time and attention.

However, it is necessary to make sure that their life in retirement has become more interesting. Of course, the gift of reading e-books will effectively contribute to this. It will also reveal many previously unknown possibilities of modern electronics, which until now were considered innovations designed exclusively “for the young”. Meanwhile, you may find that it is this elderly person who will make life much easier and more comfortable and passionate.

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