Books About War Every Man Should Read

Books About War Every Man Should Read

I never thought I read a lot of war novels. I thought quite the contrary-but, by the way, photo books slaughterhouse number 5 I was thinking about this topic and made the reader feel bad. It turned out, that, can be, now their many not read, but once their was more. It is these books that have shaped me in many ways as a reader and also, in some ways, as a person. I think so. So I would like to share with you the eight books that I have read that have made the greatest impression on me. Almost all of these books I read many years ago-in high school and College. A few titles a few times, but I’d love to get back to everyone. Now I regret not prowadziłabym blog is always interesting to read your opinion to years. This time, first of all, I will give you a description of the publishers and to each book quote that has been with me forever. As for my personal opinion – what the book was on the list means is that I recommend it because I love it.

The choice of these books is also a great reason to think that we like such books

The choice of these books is also a great reason to think that we like such booksI will only note that, of course, this is a very subjective and incomplete choice. So many wonderful military novel-be sure to leave a comment on yourself with some proposal. Omitted also reports, biographies and book camp (Not, for example, the rocks in the trench, which probably began my fascination with military themes). About literature camp made a separate record, in which, too, invite. Maybe someday it will be time to report. This case focused on novels, those that made a huge impression on me, to which I return, from which I remember quotes and emotions accompanying me during reading.

Why do we like to read them? I can only answer this question on my own behalf. Me, perhaps, the most involve human in extreme situation. We can also think of the term military literature. With a few games, I have doubts if I can put them on this list of Books About War Every Man Should Read.

Thanks to her, there was this post. One of the greatest anti-war novels in world literature. According to the author, it was supposed to be his first book. Yet it took Vonnegut many years, as well as the experience of publishing four previous novels, to finally put on paper his experience when a prisoner of war witnessed the bombing of Dresden. As a result, the book was created, which was considered one of the most outstanding American anti-war novels.

This is a book about a writer who can not erase memories from the memory of the war, although because of his profession for many years engaged in the creation of science fiction; the book is highly autobiographical, interfering document from science fiction, full of corpses and rape, accusations and exorcism, horror, fear and love; finally,-in the words of the author – the book “short and confused, because of the massacre.

If I had to choose one book that I had to read for the rest of my life, that would be Paragraph 22

If I had to choose one book that I had to read for the rest of my life, that would be Paragraph 22I love Yossariana, I love every sentence, every word in this book. I don’t know if books exist perfectly, but it’s really close! One of the greatest American novels of the twentieth century, and, at the same time, the most famous novel about the SECOND world war. Couched in the poetics of black humor, shows the senselessness of war and the army as an institution, ridicules the social mechanisms governing logic of the absurd. Her characters-a set of crazy, fanatics, idiots and adaptable, but above all people who want one thing – to survive.

Remote Yossarian is convinced that everything is sent to his life, as Germany, as the commanders of his unit, to force him to participate in an increasing number of combat missions. He pretends to be crazy not to go on further flights. Meanwhile, he is surrounded by lunatics. Major Major Major, which takes subordinates only when it is not; Lieutenant Scheisskopf, whose activities are limited to the device front; Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder, who views war as a way to seize property and bomb his own positions because he has negotiated with the enemy. Officially, there is no place for crazy people in the us army; mental illness is reason enough to go home immediately. The recipes in this plan are very clear. There is, however, a small caveat: the notorious”catch-22″.

I remember reading in the West by accident

I remember reading in the West by accidentAnd I remember very well how long I thought of her. A very strong book that presses already the same name, if already knows what it means. The novel “in the West without change” refers to the most popular works of literature of the XX century. Her characters, like the author himself, belong to the” lost generation”: the generation whose youth was lost in the trenches of the first world war. Eighteen -, dziewiętnastolatkowie get to the front almost directly from the school bench, courting teachers to fulfill the duty to the Fatherland.

What, however, is this duty? – they ask themselves, know what they shoot like they are young, bored in the home and the world and ask about the meaning of the war enemies. The brutality of the war machine, in which they are merely stands, first takes away their sense of humanity, and finally their lives-and in this sense they are literally a “lost generation”. Masterful penetration into the emotions of the character, violence description of attacks from land and air, the atmosphere of the inevitability of death – all this makes “in the West without change” today takes on the horror.

Another book that is a classic. Read times will be in you forever, and will definitely change something in your world. I’m sure. A fact-based, award-winning Booker novel that should become a reference book! Oscar Schindler-German industrialist, a member of the Nazi party, womanizer, enjoying all the pleasures of life and its high position and wealth, is the owner of a large factory in Krakow, for the production of enamelware, and then ammunition. To reduce the cost of production uses slave labor of Jewish workers. The turning point in his life was the liquidation of the Cracow ghetto. Until the end of the war Oskar Schindler, risking life and property to save thousands of Jews two hundred employees of the factory.

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