Will the E-Book Kill the Footnote?

Will the E-Book Kill the Footnote?

Does the era of digital books mean the end of footnotes, and even footnotes in General? Alexandra Horowitz, wykładowczyni psychology at Columbia University and the author published in Poland the book “through the eyes of a dog,” thinks so. The footnote, i.e. the fine print at the bottom of the page, is well known to all who deal with books. No scientific work (not to mention the provisions of the law) can do without it, because it contains, for example, information about the source of the quotation. But the footnote is also a rich life in fiction.

Of course, scholarly books are still full of footnotes

Of course, scholarly books are still full of footnotesHorowitz-zdeklarowana is a fan of footnotes, which stretches for each new book, begins the book with a review of what the author wrote in small print at the bottom of the page – she reflected on the future of footnotes in the era of digitization of literature and expressed concern that in the era of digital literature doomed to banicję in footnotes, and eventually – to extinction.

As an example of how e-books kill footnotes, cites his personal experience. In one of his books on the cognitive abilities of dogs, Horowitz quotes anecdote of his life. Her dog, worshiped by grapes, took the fruit in his mouth, and after a while spit it out. Since then I have not misled, never, no grapes, no raisins, though not once had been able to pull off fancy plates, like the dog treats. Only through some time from this events the author learned, that grapes can contain toxins, dangerous for dogs. The anecdote in her book ends with the question of whether dogs sometimes have an instinctive aversion to grapes and raisins. Information that about the toxicity of these fruits she found out later, got in the footnotes.

After the book appeared, to her surprise, the author began to receive letters from readers outraged by the fact that she had lied to her merciful grape. In the letters, people asked if he did not know that these fruits are poisonous, and why he did not mention it in his work. What was it? Most outraged readers bought the book in electronic form, where footnotes were put forward at the end of the publication.

I have since found that attitudes on footnotes tend toward the hyperbolic

According to Horowitz, these practices are threatened by the fact that over time, the footer will disappear from the literature, primarily non-academic. Why? Because pushing the bottom footnotes at the end of a book can prevent authors from using them. If almost no one reads the footnotes, the more so.

I have since found that attitudes on footnotes tend toward the hyperbolic

Someone might ask, ” so what?”. The point is that the disappearance of a footnote is the deprivation of literature of a tool that effectively enriches the work with things or information not necessarily important for the text itself. Just call from the history of literature songs that without rules will not be the same and will often be forgotten. Like John Hodgson’s “Northumberland story,” which includes countless footnotes, footnotes, footnotes to footnotes. One of them is 165 pages long!

The footnote also provokes extreme reactions among critics themselves. For some, this is a necessary element of the work (especially scientific or popularnonaukowego), which allows us to understand the course of the author’s reasoning, enriches the text, digressions, makes it possible to show the reverse shooting of this question. For others it should be absolutely forbidden because it violates the reception of the text.

Regardless of the rightness of the topic researchers, the slow extinction of footnotes in e-books becomes a reality. Moving them to the end footnote function is no longer a trend, or a trend, but a daily occurrence. And even attempts to save him, choosing his words, probably not in any shape to help. Interestingly, this problem, contrary to appearances, is not in the case of audiobooks.

The footnote jousting could soon be moot

Fears that the development of technology will kill the traditionally captured book turned out to be burning. Paper is still the most important carrier of literature, and probably it is, because no computer screen will replace the roughness of paper, the smell of printing ink, or the rustle of a rotating page. The same screen kills, however the format of the website. Who pays attention to the footnotes with a scroll in the mouse?

The footnote jousting could soon be mootHorowitz argues that if the footnotes disappear completely, he will mourn them later. And it is difficult to disagree with it, because literature is the future of fiction, which wants to get out of the impasse in which there was a form of literature in the postmodern world. It seems to be perfectly created for the implementation of the postulates of fashionable in recent years hypertext.

The fact that in the case of work in digital form is simply a cliché, begins to complicate the movement of the work on paper. Without a footnote, such a procedure would not be possible. A small and modest footnote, underestimated and ignored, can reopen the door for writers to experiment with form and at least therefore worth fighting for its survival.

American Muse, Holy Fool

American Muse, Holy Fool

Neil Cassady was walking on rails in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, dressed in 501 Levi’S jeans as always, and a white t-shirt as always, a little cold, it was raining, probably from a wedding event, maybe too drunk, maybe he drank something he shouldn’t drink, maybe he took too much secobarbital, maybe these substances mixed too much with each other, and maybe he just got Tired of it, 50 years ago. Born, 8 Feb 1926, today, him, Ho! Ho!, 92 years old.

Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” is more important as a myth or a cultural marker than as a novel

Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” is more important as a myth or a cultural marker than as a novelIt takes half a century from 1968, which tractors plow the heads of Western citizens, their mentality, morality, view of art, sex, drugs and politics. In 2017 we have been a half-century since the summer of love Human Be-in, edition of “on the road”, including more in – Europe-50 years of political and social protests on the barricades cities and campuses to the next to get back to the States, where in 1969, the rock-n-roll broke at the festival in Woodstock.

There are people who sometimes are connected with them inseparably, and without which all this would look different than it looked, and I don’t think there are critical sociologists, technicians from LSD, moahahaha Zen philosophers crowds, political thinkers or leaders of men, but of mad men, about which wrote Jack Kerouac, “the mad, Engulfed in the madness of life, a fury of conversation, the desire for salvation, wishing for just once, who never yawn, not spit on, burn, burn like fabulous race explode like spiders on the background of stars, until suddenly shoots a blue core, and the crowd is shouting ‘Ooooh!”madmen like Neil Cassada.

In December 1950, Neil Cassidy wrote (told that for 3 days with benzedryną at hand) for his friend, Jack Kerouac 18-page letter about the novel was a few years ago, with a girl whose name was Joan Anderson, about how she visited the hospital after the suicide attempt and how at the same time to twist with Mary, with whom the room ran through the window, because her mother was not his fan and even called for help in the treatment of the priest, but he was his godfather, and the pool halls and bars of Denver, the prisons and budget hotel rooms, and with a picture of the window he was running through to make it clear.

Cassady materializes as a ready-made icon

Cassady materializes as a ready-made iconKerouac read the letter and had it for him as Dostoevsky’s “Notes from the underground,” “the best piece of Russia I’ve ever seen, better than someone’s in America, and at least good enough that (Herman) Melville, Mark Twain, (Theodore) Dreiser, (Thomas Wolfe, I don’t know who, tossing in coffins,” talked about it that way. The letter was to be released, worked on by Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg (from” Skowytu”), but without going into details, the letter was missing and was not released.

Jack Kerouac, from the first lyrics, was looking for his rhythm, one that would float smoothly, like bebop out of Charlie Parker’s pipe, so spontaneous on the typewriter, without wondering and without interrupting a fix, like Jackson Pollock while drawing, which maybe Jack knew, because he was walking around the bars of Greenwich Village and saw it all humming, but he focused on jazz because he wanted jazz to sound like his novel, so he took Benzedrine, coffee and in the car for three weeks, I knocked ” on the way”, one of the most important novels for the generation of the 50s. and 60.

It’s certainly one of many literary legends like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an opaque review American Muse, Holy Fool, or a great lover Ernest Hemingway, because it’s really Kerouac’s thought of “on the road” for a long time, heaps of notes, ideas, travel magazines, but the spontaneous prose he wrote down these three weeks on a 36-meter roll of paper (he glued Cards to avoid wasting time on changes), she came to him along with Cassady’s letter.

“On the road,” of course, about the Nile here called Dean Moriarty-the crazy boy of the West as cowboys once crossed America on his horses, so he now cuts her up and down the Hudson ‘ 49, by far the best and craziest driver in literary history (supposedly Charles Bukowski while driving with Neal was-quoting another co-host – “shit in my pants”), bisexual and lover, followed by all went to the fire, Holly Bumpkin dancing in rhythm”) 24 hours because Dean was awake, work, bar, two women, discussions until the morning and again from the beginning, and still on the way so many cases, so many ideas and all the time on max as naspeedowany, because it was often naspeedowany and so rushed through this novel.

He spent years endeavoring to write his own autobiographical novel

He spent years endeavoring to write his own autobiographical novelFrom today’s point of view, it is difficult to say who is famous, Neil Cassady or Dean Moriarty, but then, in the late 50’s.when 7 years later, finally managed to Kerouacowi spend “in the way”, Dean Moriarty became a hero imagination of thousands of aspiring in their free and crazy young people, and his legend she is on the Nile, on this white t-shirt and pięćsetjedynkach to have him never behind.

Admittedly, Neil Cassidy was a perfect match for the Beat Generation hero. Jack Kerouac, John Clellon Holmes, Allen Ginsberg wanted to write about the real America, this smelly reality of cheap bars and roads where boys with sea bags on their shoulders catch a leg while a freight train with a roof filled with the sweaty California sun hobo with Earth on their hands and leaky boots is in the distance.

Writers Strike first wrote about such people as Neil, and of course, the first on such a large scale, wrote about people like Neal Cassady, who was raised by a father trampa, who lived in a squalid hotel in Denver or włóczącego at work across the country, which had more stolen cars than ran in the family-Lowell Kerouac, who was sitting in prison, jail and on a global scale chair, zaczytując in the classics, he was able to jump in the car while driving, to steal petrol at the station, no school, without training, the worker of physical, which the honorary society had somewhere and most odseparowałoby it in the toilet at the station All, where it rarely comes.

Yes, Neal Cassady was a perfect match. “He had the energy of the archetypal West,” Said forest poet Zen Gary Snyder. I heard that among them was another man, bill Cannestra, the lawyer of Harvard, involved in the organization in her apartment in Chelsea on the eternal parties and being at parties, which at the age of 28 years drunk in the subway, he’d come out of the window, and went out, and then wanted to come back, but the subway started to go, not understood… I don’t know until the end how to describe crossing a border that no one else has crossed, so imagine the craziest person you know and that he won’t do something because it’s too much and rest assured, that Cassady and Canastra would March with the finger in the ass.

Books About War Every Man Should Read

Books About War Every Man Should Read

I never thought I read a lot of war novels. I thought quite the contrary-but, by the way, photo books slaughterhouse number 5 I was thinking about this topic and made the reader feel bad. It turned out, that, can be, now their many not read, but once their was more. It is these books that have shaped me in many ways as a reader and also, in some ways, as a person. I think so. So I would like to share with you the eight books that I have read that have made the greatest impression on me. Almost all of these books I read many years ago-in high school and College. A few titles a few times, but I’d love to get back to everyone. Now I regret not prowadziłabym blog is always interesting to read your opinion to years. This time, first of all, I will give you a description of the publishers and to each book quote that has been with me forever. As for my personal opinion – what the book was on the list means is that I recommend it because I love it.

The choice of these books is also a great reason to think that we like such books

The choice of these books is also a great reason to think that we like such booksI will only note that, of course, this is a very subjective and incomplete choice. So many wonderful military novel-be sure to leave a comment on yourself with some proposal. Omitted also reports, biographies and book camp (Not, for example, the rocks in the trench, which probably began my fascination with military themes). About literature camp made a separate record, in which, too, invite. Maybe someday it will be time to report. This case focused on novels, those that made a huge impression on me, to which I return, from which I remember quotes and emotions accompanying me during reading.

Why do we like to read them? I can only answer this question on my own behalf. Me, perhaps, the most involve human in extreme situation. We can also think of the term military literature. With a few games, I have doubts if I can put them on this list of Books About War Every Man Should Read.

Thanks to her, there was this post. One of the greatest anti-war novels in world literature. According to the author, it was supposed to be his first book. Yet it took Vonnegut many years, as well as the experience of publishing four previous novels, to finally put on paper his experience when a prisoner of war witnessed the bombing of Dresden. As a result, the book was created, which was considered one of the most outstanding American anti-war novels.

This is a book about a writer who can not erase memories from the memory of the war, although because of his profession for many years engaged in the creation of science fiction; the book is highly autobiographical, interfering document from science fiction, full of corpses and rape, accusations and exorcism, horror, fear and love; finally,-in the words of the author – the book “short and confused, because of the massacre.

If I had to choose one book that I had to read for the rest of my life, that would be Paragraph 22

If I had to choose one book that I had to read for the rest of my life, that would be Paragraph 22I love Yossariana, I love every sentence, every word in this book. I don’t know if books exist perfectly, but it’s really close! One of the greatest American novels of the twentieth century, and, at the same time, the most famous novel about the SECOND world war. Couched in the poetics of black humor, shows the senselessness of war and the army as an institution, ridicules the social mechanisms governing logic of the absurd. Her characters-a set of crazy, fanatics, idiots and adaptable, but above all people who want one thing – to survive.

Remote Yossarian is convinced that everything is sent to his life, as Germany, as the commanders of his unit, to force him to participate in an increasing number of combat missions. He pretends to be crazy not to go on further flights. Meanwhile, he is surrounded by lunatics. Major Major Major, which takes subordinates only when it is not; Lieutenant Scheisskopf, whose activities are limited to the device front; Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder, who views war as a way to seize property and bomb his own positions because he has negotiated with the enemy. Officially, there is no place for crazy people in the us army; mental illness is reason enough to go home immediately. The recipes in this plan are very clear. There is, however, a small caveat: the notorious”catch-22″.

I remember reading in the West by accident

I remember reading in the West by accidentAnd I remember very well how long I thought of her. A very strong book that presses already the same name, if already knows what it means. The novel “in the West without change” refers to the most popular works of literature of the XX century. Her characters, like the author himself, belong to the” lost generation”: the generation whose youth was lost in the trenches of the first world war. Eighteen -, dziewiętnastolatkowie get to the front almost directly from the school bench, courting teachers to fulfill the duty to the Fatherland.

What, however, is this duty? – they ask themselves, know what they shoot like they are young, bored in the home and the world and ask about the meaning of the war enemies. The brutality of the war machine, in which they are merely stands, first takes away their sense of humanity, and finally their lives-and in this sense they are literally a “lost generation”. Masterful penetration into the emotions of the character, violence description of attacks from land and air, the atmosphere of the inevitability of death – all this makes “in the West without change” today takes on the horror.

Another book that is a classic. Read times will be in you forever, and will definitely change something in your world. I’m sure. A fact-based, award-winning Booker novel that should become a reference book! Oscar Schindler-German industrialist, a member of the Nazi party, womanizer, enjoying all the pleasures of life and its high position and wealth, is the owner of a large factory in Krakow, for the production of enamelware, and then ammunition. To reduce the cost of production uses slave labor of Jewish workers. The turning point in his life was the liquidation of the Cracow ghetto. Until the end of the war Oskar Schindler, risking life and property to save thousands of Jews two hundred employees of the factory.

Books and Reading

Books and Reading

Currently, one of the most frequently spoken and changed words is “innovation”. The concept is became a kind of popular modern spell; apparently the key to the door better reality; the joyous promise of “good change” – a master as a back or a nail during numerous performances. Many speakers have tried to recruit the future and use it to work for the present. “Being in new” – ” lat. ‘in-novum ‘” or ” amendments. lat. ‘innovatio’ – extension; or’ in-novare’: update, modify, suggests something that hasn’t been done yet, and already a promising omen of what’s new.

What will be good is better than what is already there

Such a special vision of change, together with its understanding, is the essence of innovation, which, developing in man, awakens the inventor in him. Innovation, in fact, is a personal or social capacity, acceptance of new and rejection of the worn-out narrative (story). Traditionally this careful, intimate stories become romantic blessings. The most wygadani of us, have easier in the sense that intuitively use “new, attractive stories” and are able to enjoy them. Innovation is not a competence attributed to the archetypal form of the Polish intelligentsia, as most of them, like other Mamona of” cruise ” by R. Brewer, the user is guided by constant affection or mood, and loves only what he already knows.

What will be good is better than what is already thereCountless generations of rulers have appreciated the transformational ability to read and write as it has been the key to power and wealth since time immemorial. King Assurbanipal of the founder of the famous library in Nineveh, which prevailed in the years 669-631 BC and was famous for love “books,” thus spoke of himself: “I Aszurbanipal, the creation of the God Ashur and the goddess Belit, the hereditary Prince took the wisdom of the God NABU. I do all sorts of things writer of all the masters, the Scriptures, how many of them.” He instructed his officials to find and bring book collections and individual texts to the Royal library. Wrote about him: “he was Looking for urgent with the eyes of wisdom in the saved boards, where no king who was before him he sought the wisdom of NABU, the God subtitles …”.

“The pen is actually a beautiful scepter, and who should be a writer sometimes in his early youth carries a conscious or explicit sense of the Kingdom of the word. […] The pen becomes a magic wand magic imposing from the chaos of things, new, unknown fret, and, at the same time, a scepter to which this order is subject without grumbling.” L. Weisgerber developing the concept of the” totality of speech” by W. von Humboldt drew attention to the fact that it is not a world, but a language picture of the world is the sum of the contents or values contained in the Books and Reading catalogue of the lexical memory of the language community.

The sum of these contents and feelings consists of some specific subsets of possible frames – “indirect linguistic entities”. The basis of these entities are certain “mental portions”, which are a combination of meanings, characteristic of the history and application of words and, above all, in their distribution. Production, literature, as a rule, a psychological compensation. The author, who creates a new world – fictitious – “in confusion”, turns it into alternative content, because the real state for some reason fails or does not correspond to a possible modern form. The new narrative describes the world as freed from old conditions or problems. This becomes an attempt at a new reality, since “thinking” is by nature a trial action. (S. Freud)

Homo unius libri

Homo unius libri“Homo unius libri” the most destructive human feeling is fear. Fear of a new, even more powerful opponent in the intellectual dimension, especially for someone that has zealously devoted time and become a champion in a narrow discipline. In the interpretation of such a pronounced ” fear“, located its expression in the opinion:” homo unius libri “hiding fear is twofold: not only to those who” read only one book”, with the result that it has a limited worldview in one book, and simplistic view of the face.

It is believed that Saint Thomas Aquinas, rather, he used the terms ” prejudices of the unius libri timeo “(which means:” I fear the man of one book”), also due to the fact that such a person who has accurately mastered one good book (concept) can be dangerous as a hardworking, nieprzejednany opponent. The Greek poet ancient Archilochus, put it this way: “the Fox knows many things, but the hedgehog also knows one big thing.”

Narrow reading (learning) does not work, which in principle does, since life tends to move away from any restrictions. ”The universal feature of knowledge is that one has to log out of the system to understand it. ” j. Casti. To effectively learn-you should carefully read this book, close it and move on to the next. “You can’t accept what you’re in. The basis of our perception must always remain hidden from our perception; otherwise we will see this basis from another basis” V. bergkvist noted. “The tooth just can’t bite itself.”

The usefulness of reading books

The usefulness of reading booksThe Outstanding American speaker Edward Everett used the wider attention of Saint Thomas “not only for the man of one book, but also for the man in one opinion, which lacks proportions, who sees only what he looks at.” British author Joseph Needham, in General conclusions for his work. “Science and civilization in China” – wittily wrote:”a Person who has read one book, has written only one book, has no more than one book, and also places faith in one book-experiences fear, which can also be felt on behalf of another person, who just as little has read, that he is completely at the mercy of this one book.”

Why read different books? For fun, or out of obligation? What is the usefulness of reading books? The most common meaning of reading books is self-learning understanding. The most basic parameter-to understand is the possibility of conscious reference to the ways of their participation in the world. Yes, certain understanding is a condition of genuine life and responsible projects, existential. “Be reasonable – after renouncing the theological areola-means: observe the rules without which neither man nor man can live.”

Reading for themselves, unconsciously, we find answers to questions that have not yet arisen. When the time comes, they will come alive. “Reading literary works about the content of scientific, artistic, legal, scientific is necessary to take part in a living tradition. The personality must reveal this meaning and thus bring him back to life. The usefulness of the reading based on the reconstruction of causal relationships and the interpretation of their importance the purpose of advancing what might happen. Reading helps to create a good personal world-a happy personality, compatible with the laws of the Universe.

The result is that for the most parts people funniest laughs ever commend what they understand, in this situation exactly what they found out

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Think alone as well as make the right choices from your perspective funniest laughs ever

Do not rely on whatever you review, assume for yourself The fact is as old as the Internet, or even older. Nevertheless, it is on the Internet that everybody could publish their opinion without much issue.This, nevertheless, does not need to be the most effective option for you.

IT 1

Even if a friend discovered how to program in C #, he makes well as well as commends this innovation does not imply that you also need to follow this course. It is feasible that you like the frontend as well as in your case a far better selection would certainly be JavaScript. Think alone as well as make the right choices from your perspective.

Start with English Sadly, without basic funniest laughs ever English skills, it’s hard to think about serious shows. Certainly, there are people who flaunt that they are currently configuring X as well as English is not required for them. Well, you ought to look at such comments with a pinch of salt. If they altered their technique a bit, it is feasible that these individuals do not even recognize how much they might accomplish.

Understanding of English is the best financial investment you could make at the beginning of your path to shows. This is just one of the significant bars that will make discovering a lot simpler and more effective. The vast majority of offered materials as well as paperwork are created in English. The syntax of all major shows languages and also collections is also in English.

Languages change, progress or perhaps be traded for others

On top of that, interaction in groups commonly happens in that language. That is why it is said that English is the language of programmers. I described my strategy to a meeting in English in a linked write-up. Do not learn the language, learn shows The ordinary programmer understands a couple of well, and also is able to use several programming languages. You should check out things to do before going to bed.

Languages change, progress or perhaps be traded for others. Nonetheless, the point of view, the way of programming, in many cases stays the exact same or a minimum of extremely similar. Especially at the beginning of the road, do not concentrate too much on the phrase structure of the language itself. funniest laughs ever Take this time much better to get great foundations, such as algorithmics, decay of troubles or logical thinking.

Avoid prehistory View exactly how patterns transform as well as stay clear of out-of-date technologies. Once it was popular to start learning programs from Pascal, today rarely any individual else remembers it … If you currently need to dedicate your time to learn, in this instance it is better to go with the circulation and also begin with leading solutions.

Later, when you have a lot more experience and also will have the will, you can alter your mind, certainly. Modification your mind and gain experience Remember that picking the first language is not a finalizing of a life-long docudrama. I will certainly claim extra, rather seldom, programmers are faithful to their first language throughout their careers.

funniest laughs ever Certainly, there is absolutely nothing to overdo

The vast majority of individuals know a couple of/ dozen languages, as well as often more. Each new modern technology you learn widens your perspective and makes you look a bit a lot more crucial at your previous choices. Certainly, there is absolutely nothing to overdo.

IT 2

A worker who has the ability to compose an easy Hey there Globe in 20 languages is less worth it compared to if he recognized well one, even a little bit older innovation. Presently, Java is my main language, but I do not regret the time devoted to C/ C ++ or PHP.

The experience with C/ C ++ instructed me great memory administration techniques, as well as many thanks to PHP as well as JavaScript I learnt more about web criteria well and found out how you can create sites. Looking from the point of view of time, it is an indispensable understanding, which despite the adjustment in innovation I utilize at all times in method.

The really start of it will certainly not require a great deal of effort from us if we just recognize from just what we need to begin if learning programs is definitely a hard job. Which shows language to pick? When picking a shows language, it deserves taking a couple of things into factor to consider.

C is used to create programs for Computers, and Java for mobile applications

The very first is just what the coded skill is to be made use of by us. We ought to look at the PHP language if we are going to create sites. C is used to create programs for Computers, and Java for mobile applications. An additional point that deserves thinking about is the complexity of the language structure. Some languages have easier to check out syntax and also we could learn them faster compared to others.

Below an instance could be Python. Fortunately, the majority of languages are related per other, so if we master one language, learning the following will certainly be much less complex. Therefore, simply beginning discovering shows is more important than selecting the language we will learn. Especially that if it turns out that we do not such as the language significantly, no one can defend it for an additional while studying.

At least we will certainly have a far better concept of exactly what we are looking for. funniest laughs ever However, if we wish to contrast the languages available to us in some way, right here we have an interesting recap for the American market. Ways to learn? The Net has actually made the materials needed to discover shows within your reaches.

We have countless sites that instruct coding in the language of our selection from scratch. We can locate a complimentary e-book, or purchase a paper book that will certainly interest us. If we prefer to hear somebody discussing the code to us, than to check out it, after that there are on the internet courses that will certainly please this demand.

We have countless funniest laughs ever sites that instruct coding in the language of our selection from scratch

We could also enroll in live lessons arranged by one programming college. There are lots of forums for programmers whose community will gladly answer concerns asked by beginners, discuss why our code does not function, and also show the right way to obtain to work.

IT 3

Focus on the essentials This suggestions may appear evident, yet if we start discovering without aiming to recognize the fundamentals of shows in depth, it will only refer time prior to we obtain shed entirely. There is a good chance that we will in fact be able to originally learn a couple of ideas beyond their order and also acknowledge that the discovering series is not so important to us.

Nonetheless, the longer we find out this way, the much more we will certainly experience unnecessary barriers on our way, to lastly realize that the ideas that we formerly believed we had actually understood, we actually just comprehended in a general way.

Naturally, starting to find out in a chaotic way is far better than not beginning it whatsoever, so if we really feel the need to learn topics not in a row, then we could do that. Offered only that if we feel that we do not comprehend anything from just what we read, then our response will be to pick a much easier material instead of deserting scientific research, considering that programming is also difficult for us.



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dylan live

Tread in the New York footsteps of Dylan Thomas through live music and spoken word.


Dylan Live is a bilingual performance tracing Dylan Thomas’ trip to New York through jazz, beat poetry, hip-hop, spoken word and film.

Performers include Daniel Williams, Martin Daws, Zaru Jonson, Aneirin Karadog, Ed Holden, Huw V Williams and film by Ewan Jones Morris.

Dylan Live has previously visited Wales’ university towns and cities, Dinefwr Literature Festival, Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival and has even travelled to New York most prestigious festival, Pen World Voices Festival of International Literature as part of the British Council’s Starless and Bible Black event programme. So far, over 2,000 people have been to see Dylan Live in Wales and beyond!

Here are just some of the comments that people had to say about Dylan Live:

“The show was fantastic- all the elements of the show worked well, and all involved excelled. It brought something new and exciting to Dylan Thomas”

“I was exhilarated at how the performers did this. Such a brilliant combination of academic knowledge, politics, music and fun”

Click here to watch a short documentary on the making of Dylan Live, following its journey from the very beginning.

If you’re interested in having Dylan Live at your festival contact Literature Wales: 029 2047 2266 / email

Dylan’s Great Poem 2015

Cerdd Fawr Dylan/ Dylan’s Great Poem 2015: Cymuned/Community
Dylan’s Great Poem returned for International Dylan Thomas Day on Thursday 14 May 2015. Young People’s Laureate of Wales Martin Daws and Aneirin Karadog created a 100-line bilingual epic poem written by the young people of the world. Anyone aged 7-25 was eligible to submit up to four lines of poetry, each up to eight words long, on the theme of ‘Our Community’. Entries came from all over the world including Sweden, Sri Lanka and India.

A place with love
a place of peace
different people meet
friendships increase
lle o gariad
a lle o heddwch
pobl wahanol sy’n cwrdd
tyf cyfeillgarwch
hearts fill with joy
where harmony is sweet
not ignoring you
saying hi every step
llenwa calon â llawenydd
lle mae cynghanedd…
heb wep a anwybydda
gwenu o gam i gam

Being together
taking time for each other
staying together
sharing ideas
the best thing in life
holding hands forever
that’s how we make peace

Bod gyda’n gilydd
gwneud amser i’n gilydd
aros gyda’n gilydd
rhannu pob ymennydd
pethau gorau bywyd
dal dwylo’n dragywydd
yw sut mae creu heddwch

We work together hand in hand
like one enormous one man band
gweithiwn gyda’n gilydd law yn llaw
fel band un dyn anferth ei draw
make music with our mixed up speech
beyond the tyrant’s clawlike reach
creu cerddoriaeth o’n lleferydd llifeiriog
tu hwnt i afael crafangus y teyrn cynddeiriog.

She spoke to me, with words like gold
“This place is ours; our home, our stronghold.”
And now she’s gone, no longer with me;
in her name, I stand. This place is not yours, and we shall be free.

Siaradodd hi â fi, gyda geiriau o aur,
“Dyma ein lle, ein cartref, ein cadarnle”
Mae hi wedi mynd. Nid yw gyda fi bellach;
yn ei henw, sefaf. Nid dyma dy le di, ac fe fyddwn yn rhydd.

Cymuned yw’r lle gallwn garu ein gilydd
Community is where people love each other
Cymunedau yw’r llefydd lle cyrchir heddwch
communities are where hope is brought
Cymuned yw pobol yn cydweithio
community is people working together
Cymuned sy’n esgor ar hapusrwydd dan y galon
community brings happiness from under our heart

Rhwymau sy’n clymu fel gwreiddiau coed,
drwy gynddaredd yr angerdd tywyll
bywydau ar wasgar fel dail yn canu
caneuon adar ein sïon a chlecs
cario newydd y gymdogaeth ar y dydd hwn
dyma lle y dysgwn i fod yn ni ein hunain
lle mae’r arallfyd yn ein gwthio ni mewn

Ties that bind like roots of trees
through the darkened passion’s anger
scattered lives like fallen leaves sing
songs of birds our whisper’s hearsay
speak the neighbourhood news of this day
this is where we learn to be ourselves
where otherness edges us in

We work together hand in hand
like one enormous one man band
gweithiwn gyda’n gilydd law yn llaw
fel band un dyn anferth ei draw
make music with our mixed up speech
beyond the tyrant’s clawlike reach
creu cerddoriaeth o’n lleferydd llifeiriog
tu hwnt i afael crafangus y teyrn cynddeiriog.

We gather round the well
crynhown o gylch y ffynnon
as you smile the sun rises
shimmering through you
daw’r wawr yn dy wên
gan dywynnu drwyddot
shadow touched in a glowing web
each one minutely driving the stream
waking each other from self-centered dreams
rising and falling the flowing ebb
a’th gysgod agos fel gwe
a phob diferyn yn rhedeg yn llif
ac yn dihuno’i gilydd o freuddwydion bogeiliol
esgyn a disgyn yn llanw a thrai

The strength of the earth
holl nerth y ddaear
blood tendons and soul – all
gwythiennau ac enaid – oll
wedi’u gwau yn un anadl
merged into one life force
wedi’u ieuo rhyngom
fused between us
interlaced beneath our hearts
yn gwlwm o galon.

Edited by Martin Daws and Aneirin Karadog, using lines submitted by:

Students from Sir John Cass’s Foundation and Red Coat Church of England Secondary School in East London (Sajida Begum, Fatihur Rahman, Hanifa Ahmed, Sumaiya Ahmed, Sonia Begum, Marwah Insaan, Sajida Begum, Chayton Roth)
Elspeth Harman-Sully, Pontllanfraith, Wales
Beatrice Paci, Penarth, Wales
Kerryn Yarwood, Blackburn, England
Shamith Mannan, London
Lapo Lappin, Uppsala, Sweden
Saduni Wanniarachchi, Panadura, Sri Lanka
Drishya Maity, Kolkata, India

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Martin Daws
About Martin Daws
Martin Daws combines modern poetry with hip hop lyricism, free jazz and fiction to create electrifying live performances and recordings of spoken word and music.

Born in Surrey, Martin has lived and worked in Snowdonia since 2001, combining his burgeoning career as a spoken word artist with his established freelance business facilitating rap and creative writing workshops with young people.

Martin was runner-up in the John Tripp Award for Spoken Poetry 2007, and second in the Glastonbury Festival Grand Slam 2008. His work has been broadcast by BBC Radio, published in international journals and been performed extensively around the UK and Ireland. Martin is the current Young People’s Laureate for Wales.

Aneirin Karadog
About Aneirin Karadog
Aneirin Karadog was born in Llanelwy and raised in the valleys of South Wales. The son of a Welsh father and a Breton mother, he speaks five languages – Welsh, Breton, French, Spanish and English – and writes poetry in the strict Welsh meter called Cynghanedd and in free verse. He was a member of Hip-Hop outfits Y Diwygiad and Genod Droog.

Aneirin won the National Urdd Eisteddfod Chair in the Millennium Centre, 2005. He has also translated many poems. His first volume of poetry ‘O Annwn i Geltia’ won the Wales Book of the Year Welsh Language Poetry Category in 2013. In 2014 he toured with Dylan Live/Dylan ar Daith, a unique take on Dylan Thomas’ life in America. He is currently the Bardd Plant Cymru.

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Bydd Llenyddiaeth Cymru yn
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Thomas yn fyw i blant a phobl
ifainc Cymru a thu hwnt trwy
weithdai creadigol, digwyddiad
byw ar-lein, digwyddiadau traws-gelfyddydol, cystadleuaeth
ryngwladol o fri a digwyddiad gair llafar a cherddoriaeth..

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